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7n比分网 www.311043.live 首先介紹自己的主題good afternoon/morning, ladies and gentle man, my name is (), as a worker in our bank for so many years, firstly it is really my honor to stand here to give you a brief speech today. the them of this activity is “positive energy of the youth”. the main purpose of this activity is to stimulate and improve the inner potential of the whole young employees in our bank,at the same time, it indeed make great contribution for the rapid and steady development of our bank in the coming days.

具體談主題的意義in the contemporary era, generally speaking, positive energy is playing an indispensable part in our life, especially during the time when the 18th meeting hold in beijing by people’s republic of china, this conception have aroused an increasing number of people’s care and attention. to some extent,the theme encourages people to advocate the slogan “love my team” and then put it into practice. in other words, it indicates that once we have got it, we ought to achieve the same goal from the bottom of our heart, help with each other wholeheartedly, focus nearly all of our strength into the same point, finally just as what we have expected, it can indeed make us got an amazing progress both in our work and daily life. another slogan it put out is called ”love my job” compared with the one mentioned above, it focus much more their emphasis on our job. exactly speaking, it requires us to do our utmost to finish our own daily work step by step, then devote ourselves to think out some effective ways to make the bank more beautiful, meanwhile, we might be regarded as a hero in our own field.

從青春再次談到青春正能量everyone has his own understanding of the young,it is a period of time of beauty and wonders, besides, only after we have experienced the sour, sweet, bitter and salty can we really become a person of really significance. the time of young is always limited, it may pass by without our attention,and when we discover what has happened , often it is always too late. therefor, grasping the period time of the young means a better time is waiting for us in the near future,or the situation may be opposite.most importantly, for the positive energy, it is of great importance to show the excellent professional image as well as the vigorous mental attitude.

具體行動nowadays, we are indeed living in a fast-developing world, great changes have taken place in our life.it can be justified without any exaggeration that we all want to make a difference, as a bank clerk, i am no exception. i usually put much of my attention on enhancing and improving the consciousness of service, for us, developing excellent and civilized service is our permanent obligation. as we know that the satisfaction of the clients is the most critical standard to evaluate our performance, therefor after considering a few factors into consideration carefully, insisting on the idea of customer-centered and improving service awareness is the most correct choice. moreover when we have a view on these great men in the history of human being, they all made full use of their youth time, to do things that are quite useful to society, to the whole mankind and as a consequence, they are remembered

and admired by later generations. positive energy of the youth is helpful to make us improve internal and external environment for development of the banking industry, in terms of the recent report, accelerating the internal reforms of commercial banks may be relied on the positive energy, with it, we are likely to learn more whatever difficult it may be.learning as a positive energy is part of our life, we need a lot of concentration, some of us might think it is a hard work, instead, i think of it as something new to learn. the positive energy always makes us have a strong desire to pursue more.

表達感激并堅定信心finally,honestly speaking, i always focus my attention and take energy, as well as taking action to make full use of my positive energy, i also get along well with others, here, with this opportunity, i will give my sincere thanks to all the people who have helped me, mainly because without their constant love, support, encouragement and reassurance, perhaps i won’t have today’s life and achievement. moreover, i dare to guarantee that i will devote all my life to my job, honestly speaking, it is primary because i love it more than i love myself no matter in the past, at present or in the future. in addition, there is no denying the fact that negative energy have the same power to influence us as the positive energy, once we have make full advantage of the positive energy, to some extent,we h(內容來源好 范文網7n比分网 www.311043.live)ave made a great contribution to the world’s better development and construction in the future.

結尾thanks for all your attention.

























校園的春天作文800字 寒冷的冬天悄悄地過去了,春天也邁著輕盈而幽雅的步伐走來了。它翻越山嶺,淌過小河,穿過樹林,也悄然無聲地走進了我們美麗的校園……












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